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  • Ebony White
    Ebony White

    Stockton is chill, more affordable that some other places in Cali, it's a good place to raise a family. Happy for them.

  • Lisa B
    Lisa B

    Boy 👦

  • Jasmin Marie Lifestyle and Vlogs
    Jasmin Marie Lifestyle and Vlogs

    I bet that baby will be shown love on steroids! Lol #NewSub!

  • Rebeca Ramirez
    Rebeca Ramirez

    Baby boy!!!💙👣

  • Ashè Raicheal
    Ashè Raicheal

    I get tears just seeing how sweet and attentive he is to her🥺🥺🥰 love it

  • Geo Boy
    Geo Boy

    This dude isn’t gonna cut into rap scene no offense!.....other higher artists

  • Aray Martinez
    Aray Martinez

    I believe in love because of you guys😭💕

  • Hope's Chaotic Life !!
    Hope's Chaotic Life !!

    hyperemesis gravidarum ask your doctor about it that's where you throw up like your doing

  • Aaaa Loco
    Aaaa Loco


  • katherine cortez
    katherine cortez

    Just found y’all on UZmatch and I love y’all’s energy! Alondra you are so pretty! Hang in there pregnancy is rough but worth it! I’m 6 months currently♥️

  • Jorge Velez
    Jorge Velez

    Benny really seen it all from seeing alo in hard times and good times including taking a shower with her.he is a lucky man..God wanted to see alo happy.🙏🙏with a great man like benny.

  • Jorge Velez
    Jorge Velez

    Damn benny really loves alo to be by her side.and to take care of her when she was sick.thats what u called a true man.❤🙏 all I have to say is that at least alo waited for the right man to get pregnant with.

  • Angel Palencia
    Angel Palencia

    You guys seem so happy with each other . God blessed you guys . You are with your crush take care of her bro and stay humble always your music is fire we play your music and I'm from L. A. Sanfernando valley blessings to you and your girl bro.

  • Alexandra Landeros
    Alexandra Landeros

    Omg girl you’ll get through this!! It’s sooo worth it 🙏🏻❤️ I went through the same thing, in and out of hospitals because I would get too dehydrated from puking sooo much. Just pay attention to what irritates you most & stay away as hard as it is! Good luck to you both on your new journey! 🤍🙏🏻

  • Xoxo Queen
    Xoxo Queen

    The enddddding im not crying you’re crying 😭😍😍

  • Xoxo Queen
    Xoxo Queen

    ITS DEFINITELY A BOY! Lol I can see alo as a mama to a boy first

  • Xoxo Queen
    Xoxo Queen

    Alo is definitely glowing!

  • Alcira Gutierrez
    Alcira Gutierrez

    It’s a girl 👏🏻

  • Jessica De León
    Jessica De León

    I think it’s a boy🧸

  • Gerardo Rivera
    Gerardo Rivera

    Ima need the video for a science project

  • Gabriel Hernandez
    Gabriel Hernandez

    Congratulations I bet you $2,000 it’s going to be a boy

  • Tiara Williams
    Tiara Williams

    This was defiantly me when I was pregnant I threw up everyday, multiple times through out the day and towards the last couple months I couldn’t sit down or lay down sometimes because her head was hitting my tail bone so I would get these sharp intense pains on my tail bone I would have to sleep in the tub it was just terrible

  • Valerie&Melanie Ruiz
    Valerie&Melanie Ruiz

    I love you guys and I whish you have a boy

  • Vivian Mateo
    Vivian Mateo

    OMG I Can’t Wait YEAH 🙏🏼🥰😘❤️🥰🙏🏼

  • Ve One&Only
    Ve One&Only

    Bako & Stockton yessssiirrr 🎉🍾. Congrats for your projects you got going on and your guys 1st baby you guys are going to be amazing parents!! Cant wait to see Baby Soliven❤Stay blessed and May everything yall are busting your asses for continue to be successful love you guys! ❤

  • mark miniard
    mark miniard


  • Alejandra Ramirez
    Alejandra Ramirez

    Doesn’t it make you appreciate her that much more 💜 I pray you guys have a safe pregnancy 🙏🏼

  • Carol Valdez
    Carol Valdez

    Men’s are always right, it’s going to be a boy 👦 🥳

  • Living My best life
    Living My best life

    You guys will be great parents !

  • Erika Rodriguez
    Erika Rodriguez

    Honestly being married doesn’t change anything, idk why there’s so much pressure to do it if nothing changes lol

  • Ana S
    Ana S

    Aww congrats 🎊🎉❤️ I have 2 boys and 2 girls I literally had morning sickness just with my first daughter she was the only one that made me throw up for like 4 months it does suck. My sister is having a girl after 2 boys and she threw up until just now she is due in March🥰🤗🤗

  • amber hernandez
    amber hernandez

    Being pregnant is like like the first 6 months it's like a drug addict coming off drugs like straight through with drawls trowing up shaking can't eat feel weak

  • amber hernandez
    amber hernandez

    Wait what she's 4 months prego already i was huge at 30 minutes i know i couldn't hold down nothing EITHER

  • Litzy Salazar
    Litzy Salazar

    “how to be parents for dummies” LMFNO😂aye i got 3 months left in my pregnancy so thanks for this video 🤣❤️

  • almua_

    God’s timing is perfect 👫❤️👶🏼

  • Stephanie Tapia
    Stephanie Tapia

    The part where she fainted I swear same thing happened to me... I fainted in the shower though.,. I also couldn’t keep anything down and lost so much weight.. se me hace que you’re having a boy... I totally call it.. I hope the rest of the pregnancy is good.. stay with her cause damn pregnancy be tiring as hell and keep her happy Benny!Love your little fam bam.

  • Brittany Walker
    Brittany Walker

    I can tell you from experience and 3 daughters later....if you're having morning sickness like that, Im pretty sure you're having a girl! lol. I had hyper emesis gravadarum which is morning sickness on steroids and there is no cure. The hospital was literally my second home lol smh...but I pray you dont get that sick and you start to get better soon! Wishing you guys a happy and healthy pregnancy! Cant wait!!!!!! 🥰❤

  • Challenging the Escobar’s
    Challenging the Escobar’s

    I call a boy is coming!

  • Sam

    She’s already half ways through her pregnancy. I think?

  • Beauty Biebz
    Beauty Biebz

    I hope one day someone will love me like this❤️

  • Gina Beauty
    Gina Beauty


  • TiiNABEA. B.
    TiiNABEA. B.

    I had the same Issue as you when I was pregnant, they had to put a suppository and it worked for 3 weeks until the sickness came back and they had to insert another one.. I had also felt weak and almost passed after every shower until my morning sickness subsided 😩lol. And I had a girl lol

  • RITZ

    damn i wanna fall that deep in love well with the right person

  • Lizbeth Muniz
    Lizbeth Muniz

    Why do I feel like benny doesnt want this:( like his vibe is off .

  • Vanessa

    Alondra is sooo gorgeous!! 😍😍

  • Genasis Davis
    Genasis Davis


  • Fatima Flores
    Fatima Flores

    Benny is so happy 😃

  • Yo soy el ritmo del alma
    Yo soy el ritmo del alma


  • alexis jacobo
    alexis jacobo

    Congratulations to the both of y’all !! Y’all are going to be amazing parents that baby is definitely blessed with great parents ! And Yessss very clueless with first baby ! But like Alondra said we learn as we go .. I was definitely clueless when I had my babygirl and now I’m still learning but it’s better ! she’ll be 3 months next month on the 13th And awww maybe y’all will have a babygirl! My morning sickness was so bad ! And if alondras gut feeling says girl possibly ! Mommy instinct is mostly always on point while pregnant ! But may God continue to bless y’all and may y’all have a safe and wonderfull pregnancy! Sending lots of love and positivity!!! It’s definitely an unforgettable feeling once you have your baby in your arms !! You fall more in love with them every day ! 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • yarali t
    yarali t

    For sure purchase nose frida girl and little rememides to get the baby mucus out and get a humidifier .

  • Maya

    I had a similar experience with my pregnancy I’m 5 months 😍 congratulations yall

  • Ceci Lopez
    Ceci Lopez

    Since you have a cyst does that effect the baby!??

  • karina ramirez
    karina ramirez

    Team Boy 💙 I experienced the same-like symptoms you did and had a baby boy 🥰 but everyone is different.

  • Brianna Blasi
    Brianna Blasi

    I'm so excited to see what the future holds for you guys. You should start a family channel

  • Graciela Robles
    Graciela Robles

    Am i the only one that feels like bennys a little over that funny phase they had? Around 4:10 you can see his face is a little "shut up already" vibes lmao is it just me yall? 🤔

    • Brittany James
      Brittany James

      It’s just you he’s worried about her health and the baby’s health

  • Mayra Campas
    Mayra Campas

    I was the same way i throw up all my pregnancy it was really bad i lost 50 pounds while pregnant

  • melissa perez
    melissa perez

    When is baby’s due date 😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • You Know Whats up
    You Know Whats up

    Alo may have Hyperemisis which is serious. Kate Middleton had that with her pregnancies. Congrats!!!

  • Laura O.
    Laura O.

    Yall are my favorite UZmatch parents and baby isn't even here yet. Yall have such a good vibe together. Benny you are already talking great care of your Girl thats what I'm talking about mane. 👏🏼Keep up the great work great content. You two will be great parents and the relationship will last long because yall both have a great sense of humor. Rooting for you both. I know ALL of these beautiful moments will be captured in the best way because of your talent. Blessings ❤❤❤❤

  • Omary Gerena
    Omary Gerena

    Sounds like you guys having a girl. I didn't get sick with my boy. But everyone is different, congrats though that's amazing.

  • lynzee tlau
    lynzee tlau

    bby gonna be a boy benny

  • cnyr05

    Sounds like she’s suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, it’s the WORST!! I went through it also with BOTH of my pregnancy’s. Lost well over 20 pds with both pregnancies. Im glad to see Alos getting all the support she needs during this though time, things will dwindle down after the 5th month when hormones stabilize and the body get “use to” the pregnancy.

  • Vivi

    Please tell me the name of the song. What a beautiful classical masterpiece!

  • Laura Flores
    Laura Flores

    I'm team girl because with my baby girl I had the worst sickness too n I would also not shower alone because I would also faint n get so dizzy 🥰🥰🥰🥰🍼🍼🍼🍼❤️❤️❤️❤️ congrats n God bless u all I'm glad u feeling better I didn't get better after the 6 or 7nonths

  • Genesis Hernandez
    Genesis Hernandez

    To me you never know what the gender of the baby is until it’s born cuz they told my mom my sister was a boy and they had everything ready for a boy and when that bitch was born it was a girl 😂 and the same thing happened with my parent’s friend she had everything prepared for a girl and it turned out to be a boy

  • Karishma

    Are they married?

  • Letsbake Eh?
    Letsbake Eh?

    She’s having a boy!!!!

  • Genesis Zapata
    Genesis Zapata

    I had horrible morning sickness too I was always in and out the hospital with both pregnancies And I had 2 🎀girls 🎀 congratulations Benny & ALO God bless you 🥰

  • dany dessy bella rodriguez
    dany dessy bella rodriguez

    Little Benita 💗💗💗💗💗

  • Alexia Munoz
    Alexia Munoz

    Im having a boy and I had morning sickness up until 6 months 😅 I’m now 9 months

  • Jonny Sins
    Jonny Sins

    So he clapped 😏

  • Imarie Hernandez
    Imarie Hernandez

    i’m in love with their outro 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Marie Lopez
    Marie Lopez

    They’re having a boy♥️ i had the same symptoms with my son🥰

  • Tania Rodriguez
    Tania Rodriguez

    Benny it’s so good to her!! She deserve that ❤️

  • sandy ochoa
    sandy ochoa

    Congratulations Alondra and Benny. Your blessed. Have a Beautiful Journey. Sandy

  • Hart Corrie
    Hart Corrie

    Benny and Alo for the new 2021 Ace Family !!!!!! 🙌🏽🤫

  • Rosalba Rosales
    Rosalba Rosales

    It’s going to be a boy! I have a theory with morning sickness and boys 😉

  • Shannon Spence
    Shannon Spence

    If it's a boy it's usually a looks like momma, but girls look like thier dads, well I have 3 kids and only one boy my youngest, and before I heard this saying when I was in my 20 s , it's usually like this , and my boy looks like me my daughter s look nothing like me lol but we' shall see

  • Yesenia.

    Alo is literally so pretty 🥺

  • The 3 Jara sisters
    The 3 Jara sisters

    I had severe morning sickness with my 3 boys omg I know exactly how she feels

  • dany dessy bella rodriguez
    dany dessy bella rodriguez

    Im with alo im team girl little Benita girls rule the world 💕💗💗💗💗💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Nikki Galvez
    Nikki Galvez

    if she’s sick she’s gonna have a boy! i was fine with my girl and now i’m 38 weeks and it’s a boy i was sooo sick so bad!! throwing up everything and everything gave me asco..congrats guys!!

  • Alma Ortiz
    Alma Ortiz


  • momma j's world
    momma j's world

    Take your vitamins mija ❤️

  • Jazmin Gonzalez
    Jazmin Gonzalez

    Don’t suck it in! That’s bad for the baby

  • Kayla Hernandez
    Kayla Hernandez

    I have a feeling you and alo are having a boy because you already have the gender results. 😍 If it was a girl, it would take longer to find out but if it was a boy youd see his thing right away lol! omg either way Im so happy for both of you!! ❤️

  • Jose Aparicio
    Jose Aparicio

    Thats amazing bro hope everything goes well

  • Sherrie Medellin
    Sherrie Medellin

    Praying for a very strong and healthy baby and mommy 💙I know its a boy from my experience you sound exactly how i was and i had two boys

  • Amber MUA
    Amber MUA


  • Annia Castillo
    Annia Castillo

    Stay hydrated! Powerade or Gatorade

  • Annia Castillo
    Annia Castillo

    Wow Alondra is beautiful!!!! Natural beauty.

  • Melanie Benitez
    Melanie Benitez

    I have a feeling it’s gonna be a boy🥺💙💯Since she’s having so much morning sickness and throwing up so much cause that’s how i was when i got prego with my babyboy😅❤️congrats to you guys!!🥺💙

  • G Contreras
    G Contreras

    She looks scary skinny

  • Louie Louie s
    Louie Louie s

    Congrats u guys look very happy..

  • Bella G
    Bella G

    My first pregnancy I was bedridden for 7 months . Throwing up 24/7 I had to go hospital every week to get anti nauseas & a drip . It gets better towards the end & it’s all worth it guys once that baby comes out you forget about everything . I also get ruptured cysts it’s awful !

  • Rosie Rivera
    Rosie Rivera

    She's so cuuuuute!!!!! 😍😍😍

  • Erika Nic0le
    Erika Nic0le

    Yesss I had a tough pregnancy as well

  • Erika Nic0le
    Erika Nic0le

    It’s a boyyyyyy

  • Angela Marie
    Angela Marie


  • b0sslady247

    Yesssssss omg I love you guys Been watching since you guys were separate and now watching it come together is gold