My GIRLFRIEND is on BED REST! *Changing her I.V.*

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  • Benny Soliven
    Benny Soliven

    Sorry you guys but I forgot to mention that she’s in bed due to her ovarian cyst coming back again. She’s fine, there’s no need to worry. She should be back on her feet in no time. Keep her in your prayers & thank you all for the support ❤️

    • KayKayAva


    • Queen Monique
      Queen Monique

      Do I get a prize for guessing right @bennysoliven lol

    • Rღsie ツ
      Rღsie ツ

      Mmmm Uh ha.. ok 🤫

    • Katie Tooker
      Katie Tooker

      Oh man, does she have hyperemesis? Or was this before she was pregnant?

    • Karen Martinez
      Karen Martinez

      @Mayra Gonzalez go check out her video she had surgery from Overian cyst so this could of been a combination of both

  • Alexandra Morones
    Alexandra Morones

    Not me paying extra attention to his tutorial😂😂

  • Jose Lara
    Jose Lara

    So no one saw the prenatals

  • Plantyyfull

    I had hypermesis gravidarum when I was pregnant and had to get a picc like as well. I actually was able to hook my bag myself after the picc line. That’s strange she had the nurse come everyday. Hope she’s feeling better! Even though I know this is an older vid when I’m seeing it

  • theluv magnet
    theluv magnet

    See Alo without makeup she's not so pretty and so many average looking girls seek implants, fillers, fake long ass nails nothing with wanting this shit but there faces get like distorted

  • Mirta Ruiz
    Mirta Ruiz

    Amazing! Im new to your channel I hope you can take a moment to say hello . I'm from the chi and love Alondra, awesome job at taking care of her.

  • Angel Palencia
    Angel Palencia

    Much respect to you benny not so many men are willing to stick to there women like you many just tend to get into a fight so they can have an excuse to leave . My respects on how you treat your beautiful girl

  • amber hernandez
    amber hernandez

    It's also good to get fluids in your body 2 a week are 1 even when your not prego through a at home iv

  • amber hernandez
    amber hernandez

    HUH DUDE now i want starbucks and i can't afford it i don't even have a fucken damn dollar n hungry but watching bennys videos makes me forget about it

  • amber hernandez
    amber hernandez

    Aww i love how he went and did all that and still had time to cuddle with his woman yeah never forget about family no matter what but still take care of your baby alo

  • Rocha 19
    Rocha 19

    Benny súbete el pinche short 😂

  • M Elle
    M Elle


  • M Elle
    M Elle

    And the 🏆 goes to Benny's mom! Good job with raising your son. We are thankful for the mom's out there doing what they gotta do and raising these kids bc we all know it takes a village but we're not all that fortunate. We can tell he was loved as a child.. he's an amazing man.

  • Gwendolyn Roberts
    Gwendolyn Roberts

    Me realizing she was pregnant in this video

  • Crystal Torres
    Crystal Torres

    I had a pick line for 14 day's a few months ago! It's more than ppl think. Glad ur okay...

  • Tonya Vasquez
    Tonya Vasquez


  • Vanessa

    You guys are so beautiful and I love both your personalities sm ❤️

  • Lyzza Cruz
    Lyzza Cruz

    lmaoo y’all watched the cara de culo movie😭

  • Lia j
    Lia j

    Jimmy Dean 🤣

  • Kristen Herrera
    Kristen Herrera

    I'm so glad you cut your hair. Looking like sinbad before

  • Anna Mercado
    Anna Mercado

    Lol prenatal pills right in front of our eyes and we didn’t even notice!! 🥴😂

  • Annia Castillo
    Annia Castillo

    I feel you on how much the coffee run is!

  • Jeni Moore
    Jeni Moore

    Heparin prevents clots. The first syringe was saline fluid to flush the line of dried blood. I have had four PICC-lines in my life.

  • sandy6500

    Benny such a great msn!!!!!

  • Teamica Collins
    Teamica Collins

    Sending lots of prayers 🤗🤗🤗♥️ 🙏 congratulations wishing ya all the happiness 💗

  • Leslie Figueroa
    Leslie Figueroa

    we all know that tre would not do this for her

  • White Bratt
    White Bratt

    I saw skins with my little brother he got scared

  • Ashley Coucoularis
    Ashley Coucoularis

    Why can’t she just have the cyst removed? Having an iv and nurse at home is quite extra. Please don’t be doing this for views

  • Hasna

    you guys are awesome together🙏🏼😍❣


    Take care rest and let Benny pamper you😞

  • Natalie Ruiz
    Natalie Ruiz


    • flsym

      I’m confused. So, did they both know all along? So revealing her pregnancy to Benny fake?

  • Lizbeth Vlogs
    Lizbeth Vlogs

    Is she pregnant because the belly cream and the pills

  • Karina Martinez
    Karina Martinez

    This is power couple. Through the best & worst. 🙏🏼

  • Hyonna Lee
    Hyonna Lee

    You guys crack me up 🤣 “butthole mouth” omg. The best wishes to you and the baby💕

  • Babbetje

    Alondra looks very beautiful without make up ...

  • Naomy Luevano
    Naomy Luevano

    If my man doesn’t treat me like Benny I don’t want him. 😇💅🏽🧖🏽‍♀️

  • Selena Sao
    Selena Sao

    Benny such a good man

  • Nevaeh Kreeger
    Nevaeh Kreeger

    That’s cuz she’s pregnant!! Ahhh

  • Jen

    Why do I feel like that sexy cop costume in the back seat is Benny's😂

  • Olga Corcino
    Olga Corcino

    She so pretty without makeup!😭😍😍

  • Valeria Barajas
    Valeria Barajas

    y’all could at least ask the nurse how he is. like he’s helping her so don’t be rude or inconsiderate

  • Elizabeth Rodarte
    Elizabeth Rodarte

    hell nahh!!! no to needles mija!! Bruh I had surgery once and they had to put on my I.V. and shoot when they *tried* to put that that mother poop in their I fainted. They had to give me the laughing gas instead lmao.

  • Lorena Ortega
    Lorena Ortega

    He was boutta say she's pregnant before he said she's feeling under the weather pero congrats you two prayers for a safe n healthy pregnancy💙

  • Sarah Hernandez
    Sarah Hernandez

    Benny i give you mad props for standing by your girl. I my self have been going through the same thing with my husband who has a PICC line as well due to a staph infection in a knee replacement. I give 3 treatments every 8 hrs. Hope she recovers and stay strong for her.

  • Gabriela J
    Gabriela J

    Lmao alot of people are saying he looks sad or not happy like they are pregnant sometimes both feel it and its normal my husband tends to feel super tired sleepy he felt like when we had our boys

  • Alyssa Munoz
    Alyssa Munoz

    she probably has hyperemesis gravidarum 🥺🥺 feel better alo!!!❤️💘

  • Alyssa Munoz
    Alyssa Munoz

    You can see the prenatal vitamins at 3:38 💜💘🥰

  • Brianna Alvarado
    Brianna Alvarado

    Jimmy dean sandwhiches😂😂

  • Destiny Baca
    Destiny Baca

    your guys baby is gonna be perfect 🥺❤️

  • Grace Doerr
    Grace Doerr

    that costume though

  • Teresa Mendoza
    Teresa Mendoza

    Jimmy Dean lolol

  • jazmine corina
    jazmine corina

    Please wear a mask when the nurse comes. Not only to protect them from your germs but as a sign of respect, too. Also wear one when you go to the drive thru as a sign of respect. They’re people too and at risk of getting sick by serving you.

  • Aisletd Bautista
    Aisletd Bautista

    Im back from watching “ skins “ thanks Alo 😳😳

  • veronicaroman30

    I have had a Picc line put in while pregnant and I can remember tasting the saline when it’s being flushed.

  • Gifted Introvert
    Gifted Introvert

    Love her without make up 😍 her and her sister looks just alike and the bed hair is cute 💞

  • Griseldaa Gee
    Griseldaa Gee

    They say Girls take your beauty away I mean shes still Pretty AF but being pregnant with a girl is something else 😭 I would Know 🙄 I was on bed rest for half of my pregnancy as well. Lol 😇

  • Karen Rios
    Karen Rios

    Not Benny wearing alondras chanclas 😂

  • Milky way Galaxy
    Milky way Galaxy

    It’s stupid to watch that,who cares !!!!🧐

  • Arianelyz Diaz
    Arianelyz Diaz

    What does she need the IV for ?

  • Amanda Cox
    Amanda Cox

    Does alondra have HG? I’m on my second pregnancy with HG and it’s so rough!!!

  • Lexyy

    You can tell he will be a great father! That’s for sure I’m so happy for both of you!

  • Anas world is WACK
    Anas world is WACK

    Yoooo is Benny wearing alos chanclas😭 I’m fucking deaddd💀

  • Liz r
    Liz r

    Alguien que me pueda decir que le paso a su novia?🥺

    • Alison Quezada
      Alison Quezada

      Tenia un quiste en sus ovarios

  • Sharon Lopez
    Sharon Lopez

    Man the nurse is gonna see this and that’s just rude to be with an attitude like that. He’s helping you.

  • Giselle Beas
    Giselle Beas

    When you said weird movie I remembered the movie I had watched that was weird ass welll it’s the same one y’all talking about !!!

  • mariannes129

    Heparin is a blood thinner

  • Mapi14

    May i ask why the IV? I'm new to the channel. And love it.

  • Jessica Gonzalez
    Jessica Gonzalez

    I watch skin is a interesting movie

  • Hugo Cesar
    Hugo Cesar

    That fiber cereal be hitting no cap 😂😂😂

  • Lupe Del Rio
    Lupe Del Rio

    LMFAOO HE SAID for some reason my phone only calls alondra hahahaha

  • Alexa ramirez
    Alexa ramirez

    did anyone else notice Bennys sandals @2:53 😭

  • Xitlali Flores
    Xitlali Flores

    Omgggg I saw that movie it was the weirdest movieeeeee my friend thought it was a good idea to watch it too 😭

  • baby. daf
    baby. daf

    Okay but wear a mask in drive thru 🙄🙄 be safe so alo has a safe pregnancy

  • Gisel G
    Gisel G

    “20 dollars?!?” Me every time I drive up to the window to pay 😩

  • Antonia Losoya
    Antonia Losoya

    I'm surprised no one noticed those prenatals on the nightstand till now after the announcement.

  • Shania Chaneco
    Shania Chaneco

    benny is soo sweet

  • Jessica Ramos
    Jessica Ramos

    It's funny how everyone is doing ther homework on her pic lines n shit

  • 1jamdaful

    Children these days! So ungrateful! Wow😏

  • lilydoll4

    I see the prenatal vitamins 💁🏽‍♀️ congrats to both 🥰

  • Royal Fluuush
    Royal Fluuush

    WHY NO ONE TALKING BOUT THAT ENDING🤣🤣🤣 "When I get bored I just eat his ass" I'm weaaaak

  • Isela Ramos
    Isela Ramos

    Me hearing Stockton I was like I live there. Maybe I will run into your guys. Love you both

  • R.T. 509
    R.T. 509

    The Benny/Alo Fan In Me Laughed So Hard When He Tried To Explain The Saline Solution (used to flush the iv. And The Hepren (Blood Thinner to break up any possible blood clots forming). But The Healthcare Worker In Me CRINGED So Hard That He Couldn’t Explain What They Were and The Lil Mistakes That Could Be Potentially Dangerous For Her Medically.

  • Patron Camv
    Patron Camv

    She found the one !

  • sammysamala09

    When did you get your hair chopped off??? And why!!? Grow it back!! Please lol!

  • sammysamala09

    You totally have a booger hanging out your nose at Starbucks lmfaooooooo

    • sammysamala09

      Alexis Martinez ohhhh lol guess I haven’t been around. Didn’t even know he had one.

    • Alexis Martinez
      Alexis Martinez

      It’s his nose piercing

  • Cris da weirdo
    Cris da weirdo

    Ayo I jus heard ab y’all and ab lil baby that’s coming so one I want to say congrats 💯🦋 and tbh I rlly like yo shit bro ima sub but yeah I hope y’all te best❤️

  • merm23

    Benny: "She's not a squirter anymore" lol

  • Yaneth Solis
    Yaneth Solis

    I love how raw she is though !!!! 😍😍

  • Jackie Torres
    Jackie Torres

    You can see the prenatal vitamins

  • yamileth briones
    yamileth briones

    Benny wearing the furry slides 😂

  • Angel Maynez
    Angel Maynez

    You’re going to be a great daddy! 🥰

  • Patricia Mendez
    Patricia Mendez

    So no one comment on how Benny brush Alo hair as like she was a lil girl reminded me of when my mom brush my hair an I’ll be like Ayy ma 🤣❤️

  • Leah Hanzely
    Leah Hanzely

    Jimmy deans!!!! Best breakfast sandwiches 😍😂

  • Yessiree

    Watching this back you guys so wanted to say something! Congratulations 🎉💕

  • Sabrina Arellanes
    Sabrina Arellanes

    He means ,Jimmy dean😂😂😂

  • Bianca Escamilla
    Bianca Escamilla

    Benny his such a good guy like wow

  • Crystal Villarreal
    Crystal Villarreal

    😂 I ate some fiber cereal yesterday my stomach hurting 💀

  • Cristal Torres
    Cristal Torres

    Nurse Benny 👨🏻‍⚕️ You both are so blessed 🙏❤️

  • Mariela De La Torre
    Mariela De La Torre

    You can see the prenatal 😭

    • Brittaneee

      It says probiotics lol

  • Monserrat Madrigal
    Monserrat Madrigal

    I knew it ! Soon as I seen her in bed rest I thought automatically she’s pregnant 🤰🏻