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  • Majistica

    My due date was June 23rd damn

  • tanjiro with a hatchet
    tanjiro with a hatchet


  • alex villafan
    alex villafan

    Barely watching , June 22 is my birthday 🦋 cancer baby

  • Jennifer Hernandez
    Jennifer Hernandez

    Is it me or does Bennys grandmother get along w Alondra wayyy more than his mom:/ and that’s just sad in my part I feel bad for her

  • Christine Lozano
    Christine Lozano

    If was feeling sad I would think because he’s away from his family and would love to share this in person! I don’t blame him , I’m such a family person & I would want the same. I cried when my mom was not allowed in the delivery room due to Covid 😞

  • Erika Ojeda
    Erika Ojeda

    You guys think a new gracndma the lieèè el e

  • Ashley Acuna
    Ashley Acuna

    Benny said his merch would be out very, very soon and here we are 3 months later and it's still not out yet 😭😭

  • Carmen Dominguez
    Carmen Dominguez

    Every time I see the last name inguez I always get hype thinking they have my last name lmao

  • Miguel Arandas
    Miguel Arandas

    Who's the daddy congratulations

  • Polet R-S
    Polet R-S

    Due date is in my birthday!!!!! 🥺❤️❤️❤️ ♋️ cancer baby💕🥺🥺

  • Vanessa Cortez
    Vanessa Cortez

    Omg, you’re baby is due on my fiancé’s birthday. 🥰 Cancer baby!!

  • Nancy Velasquez
    Nancy Velasquez

    Donny forget who raised benny visit them.often sometimes we are staying away cause of covid but family are losing scag other and not seen them cherish loved ones and tell alondra to do the same it only going to build you're love for each other better and continue to have the strong bond that u have within you're family

  • Jævéñ C
    Jævéñ C

    No way!!!!! Why am I just seeing this now. I knew it was going to be in June and I was like what day???? Cause mine is the 22nd and look at here. I wanna jump with excitement but everyone sleepin. Congrats!!!!!! June 22nd gang I’ll be turning 18 on a Tuesday 🙁

  • Jasmine Leos
    Jasmine Leos

    My wife and I had been together for 9 years when we told our families we were pregnant. They have always been so supportive of our relationship & even they didn’t really react all excited jumping for joy. My wife’s grandma even said “no comment”. Broke my heart but now everyone is so obsessed with our baby. Once bennys baby comes it’ll be a whole different story. They’re going to love that baby so much. You also have to remember they’re probably old school and would’ve wanted him to get married and be more situated in his relationship before bringing a baby into the world. They also barely know Alondra but it’s all gonna be amazing ☺️🙏🏼

  • rocio sandoval
    rocio sandoval

    People kept telling me I didnt look happy when I was pregnant or the whole pregnancy thing but trust me I was so happy in the inside but now that I’m a mom they can deff see it lol

  • Those Silva Boys
    Those Silva Boys

    Where is the video of you telling your mom and US Always??

  • ana ceja
    ana ceja


  • Nayeli Rosales
    Nayeli Rosales

    Y’all trippin. They reacted how normal ppl do lol y’all are so used to seeing these fake scripted reactions

  • sophia hernandez
    sophia hernandez

    Since finding out ive been praying over alondra and the baby even benny its a bitter sweet situation i hope she heals and is able to start enjoying this pregnancy enjoy this time with her benny try giving her lemon with water sleep with pillows not flat gatorade and crackers we love u

  • La Mami Cool
    La Mami Cool

    Guys his mom is crying because it was very strange for her not seeing benny on Christmas. It was a hard year and expecting your son and his girlfriend i bet she was excited and getting everything ready. Benny es su niño! So she knows is different now he has priorities. Which i guess every mom with a son is going to experience this one day!

  • Sandra Chavez
    Sandra Chavez

  • 90sBaebee

    Its gonna be a girl IM SAYING FIRST . JUST REMEMBER 😋


    Aww her due date is on my birthday 💕💕💕 I’m so happy for y’all

  • Nombre Apellido
    Nombre Apellido

    Its okay to have mixed emotions for all parties! Processing and adapting to change takes time!

  • Ariana Rhodes
    Ariana Rhodes

    Thank the stars for FaceTime! My hubby & I had our baby but all of our family lives in California & we moved to Colorado & they still haven’t met her 😩 my baby girl is 4 months old! I can’t wait for her to meet her family! I’m just praying for things to go back to “normal!”

  • Liono Omen
    Liono Omen

    13:27 “ He did come “ 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • H I
    H I

    I'm so sorry for you that they didn't were that excited as you maybe expected (except your grandma❤️), let them see that you can do it, cause I know you can. Congratulations amigo

  • 73Jlynn

    This is the most genuine reactions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the reactions of each person....Congrats Benny and Alo

  • Yarely Galvan
    Yarely Galvan

    I felt like he’s been sad ever since he found out she was pregnant and his family wasn’t happy you can tell

  • Saul Flores
    Saul Flores

    Tre out here crying lol ouch

  • Nancy Angel-Garcia
    Nancy Angel-Garcia

    They don’t like her 😐I know it when I see it

  • Lulu Castaneda
    Lulu Castaneda

    It’s amazing to see that Benny is staying with Alo to comfort her and help her out as much as possible. Now that he is starting his own family that is going to be his priority. However everyone in Benny’s family all said “Is that why you mom has been crying?!” Their first response should be congratulations as Benny took time out of his day to call them individually to surprise them. Also to ask how Alo is doing as he mentions this was why he could not come down to visit. Benny and Alo you have the support from all those who love you including your fans. Maybe a learning lesson to people to show more gratitude in life. Especially considering what we had to go through in 2020. Let’s celebrate our wins and not worry about any loses.

  • Jorge Zavala
    Jorge Zavala


  • Patron Camv
    Patron Camv

    “Hello fresh is fire , every time 👌🏻” ... Cut camera. Goes and spits it out

  • Nayely Nunez
    Nayely Nunez

    dont worry i think youre going to be a great dad and also Alondra , im 20 years with a 5 month old baby and Im not even stable so dont worry if anyone say to get your shit together.. because you will raised that baby with love like i do

  • Adela Fig
    Adela Fig

    Congratulations to Benny and Alo's blessing.. may God bless you and don't worry about the hate. Keep your heads up and let the haters continue to give y'all views. continue to be a family and loving each other. Much love from Texas 💖.

  • Taj

    are yhu crassy

  • melinda salcido
    melinda salcido

    I'm a HUGE fan !!!! Too top it off my birthday's on June 21st !!!!!! Congratulations!!!!! ❤❤

  • Vina Loonskin
    Vina Loonskin

    Merch available in Canada?

  • Joel Olazaba
    Joel Olazaba

    13:16 he did come 😂😂😂

  • rosslyn royce
    rosslyn royce

    I was waiting for mom and sisters reaction?

  • Natalie Salazar
    Natalie Salazar

    Grandma was happy ! So cute 🥰

  • steph j
    steph j

    His family doesnt even know her well

  • Dainelys Valdes
    Dainelys Valdes

    Awww so cute my due date is june 23 and its a girl congrats

  • Krystal Gil Garcia
    Krystal Gil Garcia

    Enhorabuena a usted y a Alondra. desearles un embarazo feliz y saludable. que dios siga bendeciéndoos a los dos y al bebé

  • Betsy Chavez
    Betsy Chavez

    Congrats Benny & Alondra❤️ this is just the beginning! 😊

  • Desiree Aguirre
    Desiree Aguirre

    Ooouch...My only guess is that they arent to happy cause they dont like Alo...Sorry Benny.

  • Marilyn Alfaro
    Marilyn Alfaro

    So now I want know... if this is why your mom was crying lol

  • Hello Lovely
    Hello Lovely

    Everyone is so used to Austin and Catherine faking their reactions on camera and crap that they’re not used to authenticity when they see it. 😂😂 Love you Benny & Alo, babies are a blessing no matter how they were conceived so happy for you guys! Don’t listen to all these lonely envisions as😂

    • Alina estrada
      Alina estrada

      Dead ass tho😭

  • Mya Perez
    Mya Perez

    MEN. 🤣 more hyped for the shoes

  • Danica De Luna
    Danica De Luna

    Who else is making Grandma a Great grandma?Miklo?

  • Denisse Guitierrez
    Denisse Guitierrez

    aww benny seems upset because he wanted to surprise his whole fam in person. & of course because he was worried about alo 💕

  • Ciindy Diaz
    Ciindy Diaz

    why am i crying? ive never met benny or alo 😫❤

  • Maria H
    Maria H

    Congratulations Benny! 👶🏻 so happy for you & Alondra 👫🏻 🌸💘

  • Carmen Torres
    Carmen Torres

    There’s so many emotions you go through as a parent especially first time parent you can feel excited nervous stress or worried. It’s not sunshine and rainbows all the time people in the comment section 👇🏻🙄😂

  • Rosemarie Minguillion
    Rosemarie Minguillion

    Now you guys need a family page 🥰

  • Ruth Zapata
    Ruth Zapata

    No one said congratulations nothing not exciting but why 😭

  • A B
    A B


  • Gilbert Ramirrz
    Gilbert Ramirrz

    I love the grandma so much💞

  • CurvinGoddess

    Y’all make my heart so happy. I’m also pregnant for my first time and watching y’all’s videos brings me so much joy. I’ve been struggling really bad with my depression and anxiety since finding out and these videos make me smile. God bless y’all

  • •Angela -
    •Angela -

    “She’s literally in the room eating mazapanes” SOOO MEEEE😂

  • Alex V
    Alex V

    awww benny looks like he wanted to cry the whole time so emotional😭

  • Graciela Robles
    Graciela Robles

    This is how normal people act everyday. I see alot of people saying things but this is in real time, real life. Its not nothing fake this is how people act normally when familys find out youre prego. Yall wanted the family to fake jump around the room or some 😂

  • Nevaeha Rivas
    Nevaeha Rivas

    Y’all are annoying bruh ✋🏻 ITS NOT EASSSYYY omfg

  • YoungStunnerrr

    They should’ve been more appreciative but I’m Not tryna put a whole judgement bc I don’t know anything! But it’s his first child!!!!💯💯Be happy a new life is beautiful and a blessing💚💚💜💜

  • Daniel sarabia
    Daniel sarabia

    Stockton! 👌

  • Sheila Valdez
    Sheila Valdez


  • E Aguayo
    E Aguayo

    Maybe bc it's been less than a year & she already pregnant

  • Pink X Moon
    Pink X Moon

    Wow i always see guys saying “saying i love you to guys is gay” no its not. Thats sweet of benny and his homie haha 😆

  • Maria Vidales
    Maria Vidales

    why didint you get your moms and sisters reaction?

  • Stephanny Marie
    Stephanny Marie

    B for Boss B for Benny B for Bitch Up to you 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ lmaoo

  • Lexi Eder
    Lexi Eder

    Omg the due date is my birthday!!!! Congrats!

  • Tania Cabrera
    Tania Cabrera

    I say is a BOY

  • moon light
    moon light

    Benny and everybody else looks so sad or disappointed, is it just me?

  • Kickrocks22

    I’ve watched 2x and still do t see him telling his mom what video is that ??

  • haneefa

    when his uncle said “you did come” LMAOAOOA

  • Melissa Maroney
    Melissa Maroney

    I think when we found out she was sick, well I knew, an I dont even know you guys! Lol... Im an empath tho!! I so knew!! 😊❤❤❤

  • Emily

    “ aqui de webona “ 😂

  • Corina Soliven
    Corina Soliven

    Congratulations Andy. Love Auntie.

  • Tashi Noelle
    Tashi Noelle

    My birthday is on June 22 🥺🥺

  • Liv Ram ♡
    Liv Ram ♡

    This is probably the most underwhelming surprise video why did his uncle or cousin more happier about his shoes 🤣

  • April Quinones
    April Quinones

    Don’t be scared Alondra and Benny... no matter how hard people tell you it is, it’s definitely worth it. And mind you, it’s harder when you do not have a good support system or income. Seems you guys are well covered. And the best love is about to come. Congrats.

  • Camilynn Ramos
    Camilynn Ramos

    I’m due June 25 2021

  • cesci

    He seems so depressed 😔😔😔

  • Rubi Echeverria
    Rubi Echeverria

    This video shouldn’t have been uploaded 😬 y’all talking about his family’s reaction what about the video Alondra posted with her dad’s reaction both families seem disappointed 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Gonzalo Magdaleno
    Gonzalo Magdaleno

    There’s no way, my bday is on June 22 I really hope it comes out on my bday!!🥺

  • Brenda Lopez
    Brenda Lopez

    Okay first off any teenage mothers can probably relate to bennys mom. Benny was her first born, her first love at a very young age. Fuck yall for the negativity. Congrats benny and alo yall are perfect for each other

  • Adriana G
    Adriana G

    "Is that why your mom's been crying"....Benny = 😬

  • Merian Rodriguez
    Merian Rodriguez

    It’s A Boy

  • Merian Rodriguez
    Merian Rodriguez

    He literally said he

  • Bubbett Gump
    Bubbett Gump

    His family was kinda dry haha mine was yelling and screaming and crying lol wth Bennys fam!!!!

  • Julissa Hernandez
    Julissa Hernandez

    I don't want to be that person and assume things that aren't true but...I was really hoping to see his moms reaction. I was disappointed 😞I think hers is the one that matters most so if it wasn't included in the video I really think its because she probably didn't take the news very well...I mean alo posted her dads reaction so I feel like it would've only made sense to see the moms but. 😬Then again who knows. We don't know everything. Either way, I wish you guys a healthy and happy pregnancy but I definitely was expecting more.

  • Jayde M
    Jayde M

    everyone : * is that why your mom been crying ? 😂

  • Missmr

    I feel like the family does not really like Alondra and would have rather a girl that cooks,good girl from a good family and not just a pretty face with a good body, I mean I would not like my son to marry a girl who just broke up with with a guy and all of a sudden get pregnant not even a year after her being with someone else.

  • Jennifer Wu
    Jennifer Wu

    They must be so paranoid from him pranking them that they didn’t want to overreact just in case it was fake 😂

  • Gloria Salinas
    Gloria Salinas

    June 22nd is the due date and my birthday is 2 days after ahhhh ☺️

  • Che Chesson Sherrie
    Che Chesson Sherrie

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  • bellyelly12

    Anyone else catch bennys grandma say now she’s going to have 2 great grand babies?!?!? Whose having the other one???!!!!

  • Zury Lopez
    Zury Lopez

    Omg I had that condition my last pregnancy!! It’s called hyperemesis gravidarum.. Sadly it never went away! I vomited 3 times while going into labor! 😭 I hope Alondras goes away soon because it sucks!!! I really do hope she feels better!! Ask her OBGYN about B6 and Unisom.. it helps but doesn’t take it away completely!

  • Raquel Saucedo
    Raquel Saucedo

    It's a tough time... Telling your family is not the same as in person. But Congratulations Benny & Alo! You will be great parents. Praying for Alo ❤️❤️❤️ Stay Safe Mama!!!! Benny take care of her and get your guys sleep now! Lol. Xoxoxo